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Vedic Maths Classes or Courses Online: Beginner level to Advance level

Vedic maths is an excellent way of learning all mathematical calculations easily and quickly. Vedic Mathematics is the name given by the ancient system of mathematics in India. The Father of Vedic Mathematics is late "Swami Shri Bharathi Krishna Thirthaji Maharaj". He reconstructed 16 Vedic sutras and 13 sub-sutras.

The Vedic Maths by Mamta Rupesh introduces Vedic Maths Online Courses, she has trained more than 2500+ students to master Vedic Mathematics. The Vedic maths course starts from Beginners level to Advance level. The Courses are structured by a Roadmap. It is prerecorded courses, along with worksheets in the form of pdfs, it is an online study material and offers many other benefits.

Here, the first course is called the "Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths" which explains the sutras and their benefits. Need not worry about memorizing the sutras as it provides English translation, mathematical meaning, examples, and exercise problems to work out.

Benefits from the courses

All the courses have Lifetime Access

Course Completion Certificate

Bonus Chapters

Worksheets in the form of PDfs

Join Vedic Maths Community

Who is it For?

The Courses are applicable to students from grades 3-12, students writing competitive exams, Teachers, Parents, and also for our day-to-day activities.

Students can excel in maths using the interesting sutras and the tricks help them score well in their academics. This is the best platform for kids to activate the calculation speed with the help of mental calculation techniques.

Teachers and Homemakers can make an extra source of income by tutoring Vedic maths.

In Competitive exams, students can save a lot of time, as the tricks give them instant answers. They will stay out of dependency on calculators.

Roadmap: Set Of Online Courses

Above is the clear roadmap about the courses which we need to follow starting from basics till advance.

1) The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths (Beginner Level Course)

The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths is an introductory course and the first step to master mathematics, where you will learn the basics of Vedic maths which starts from the 16 Vedic sutras and follows by four bonus chapters. This course is applicable for students from grades 3-12 and for students who are writing competitive exams such as CET, GMAT, Banking, Railways, Staff Selection Commission, etc. It also helps Teachers and Parents to improvise their math skills and make an extra source of income.

This course contains 18 lectures & 4.2 hours of content, it also has many benefits like lifetime access, certification after completion, Bonus chapters, worksheets in the form of pdfs, Vedic Maths Community for clearing doubts. This course contains Arithmetic and Algebraic computations which can be calculated in seconds using Vedic maths tricks, here you will go from beginner to pro and learn how to play around with maths.

2) Multiplication Mastery

Multiplication Mastery Course is the second milestone in our road map; here, you will learn different types of Multiplication in detail. Get an answer to any five-digit Multiplication in seconds. When compared to conventional math, Vedic mathematics has thought us more about Multiplication, and here Multiplication is made easy and fast in itself.

In conventional maths, there is only one method available to calculate Multiplication, i.e. Multiplication with a given multiplicand x multiplier and finding a solution. But in Vedic maths, there are smarter ways available to find answers.

for example, Multiplication when numbers are near the base, Multiplication by 999’s, 5’s, 11’s, 12…..99 etc

So, this course is going to be very interesting, and I am sure you will enjoy mathematics using Vedic tricks and finding answers in seconds.

3) Division Mastery

Division Mastery has 6 interesting chapters and 2.07 hours of content. Under the Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths we just had the basic division. But here we are going to see the Division topics in detail. The Division is not as simple as Multiplication, but it has certain interesting tricks which are easy to calculate and understand.

4) Fun With Fractions, HCF & LCM

Here we have 3 Topics explained in detail, let's see what are they:-

A- Fractions

Fractions are nothing but having a number on top and a number on the bottom with a line between the two numbers. Here the number on top is the Numerator and the number on the bottom is called the Denominator. We use the Vertically and Crosswise formula.

Under Fractions we have 2 Cases:-

1- When the denominators are Relatively Prime

2- When the denominators are Composite Numbers.


Here we have easy tricks to solve Average, HCF, and LCM.

Most commonly we use the division method or prime factorization method to find the Highest Common Factor(HCF).

The Lowest Common Multiple(LCM) of 2 or more numbers is the smallest number(not zero) that is a multiple of all the given numbers.

All the above topics give easy ways to calculate and find answers in very simple methods.

The procedures for finding answers are made shorter and a few tips have been given.

5) Magic Squares, Cubes & Its Roots

Squares and Cubes are the Best Part of Vedic Mathematics, we have a couple of tricks that give easy ways to find answers in a few seconds.

Many students find Squares, Cubes, and Roots to be very difficult under the Conventional method, but here the formulas are just amazing. Once you get started, I'm sure you will find it very easy. You will not only learn tricks for special numbers like 5, 9, etc..

You also learn tricks for Random Number Calculations. Here we will be learning about Squares, Cubes, and Its Roots in detail.

6) Vedic Maths Tricks

Vedic Maths Tricks is the easiest way of finding answers when compared to conventional/ school maths. There are fantastic tricks used to solve sums. It is a super-fast way of calculating all mathematical problems, and it reduces the burden of counting numbers with fingers.

The Vedic Maths Tricks Course contains 8 interesting chapters. These tricks will help students to solve any exams, be-it school board/ Competitive exams where the questions can be answered effortlessly, and it saves time. So get ready to have fun and enjoy Maths with these exciting Tricks.

7) Vedic Tricks For Competitive Exams

Vedic Mathematics is very useful for students writing competitive exams. With the help of Vedic tricks, students can speed up maths and they can stay out of the fear of maths. It Improves concentration, increases memory power, and provides time-saving skills. With the very good practice of Vedic sutras, over a period of time, students can crack any type of competitive exam. Even a difficult calculation can be easily solved with the help of Vedic tricks.

Earlier clearing competitive exams was a difficult task for students, but nowadays I've seen students extremely happy with Vedic maths tricks. It not only helps them clear the exams but also gives them very good confidence and satisfaction in learning maths. This course provides various tricks to practice, a set of chapters explained with examples, and exercise problems are also given.

I have personally trained students for clearing the state-level entrance exam, CAT, Indian Railways, Banking, and UPSC. They have seen tremendous change in themselves with the help of faster calculation. It's a proud moment to see our students reaching heights.


I hope you would have understood the above roadmap and the explanation of the courses. Each course has its examples and exercise problems. Also, every chapter has downloadable worksheets available in the form of pdfs. Vedic maths makes students' brains active. The Complex calculation can be easily solved and increases observation power.

The best part is the Vedic maths community, here we have the group on a separate platform that can be joined only by Vedic maths enrolled students. When compared to other social media platform groups, students get diverted very fast, that is the reason we have a separate group on a separate platform. Online courses helped students to learn from home at their convenient time especially during the covid lockdown period as they had their regular school through online classes.

For more information, you can check our Courses and if you haven't started learning Vedic maths yet, now is the time to enroll to our Lifetime Membership Access. You can now become Maths Expert by learning Vedic maths.

Good luck and Thankyou!



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