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Who can learn Vedic Maths?

This is one of the most common questions I hear from parents. Hence, I thought of addressing it in this article.

Vedic mathematics is applicable for students from grade 3 to 12, and for students who are writing competitive exams and also for parents and teachers who are teaching their childrens. Vedic maths is also very useful and helpful for our day-to-day mathematical calculations.

Why Vedic maths for students from grade 3-12?

Vedic maths is a super-fast way of making all mathematical calculations easy and fast, and it improves concentration power. Grade 3 is the starting step, where students can grasp the mathematical calculations faster as they will be learning the basics in their school under Conventional maths.

So students can start learning the basics of Vedic Maths from grade 3, and by 10th or 12th, they will be perfect in mathematics. Vedic maths is the same as our Conventional Maths, but here the calculations are made easy using Vedic tricks and formulas which are given by our ancient scholars. Vedic maths reduces long mental calculations, and it improves speed and accuracy.

When you check the Road Map, our first course is “The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths”, this course contains 16 Vedic sutras, and it covers chapters from Arithmetic and Algebraic Computations. The 16 sutras are starting from basic to the advanced calculations.

so students from grade 3 can learn the essential chapters and go till the advanced calculation step by step, i.e., until grade 12,

And students can solve board exams using Vedic tricks and formulas where it saves time in long mathematical calculations.

There is an exciting bonus chapter in the Beginners Guide which is ‘checking your answers’ so when writing exams students can re-check their final answers by using these techniques, which is going to be very helpful.

I am sure that when students learn Vedic Maths, their maths phobia will fly away. Kids will enjoy maths and solve sums in the conventional method using Vedic tricks, and this is going to be useful as they go to higher classes.

Why Vedic Maths for Competitive exams?

Vedic Maths is applicable for students who are writing competitive exams, and it is beneficial as the student has to finish the paper on time.

Vedic Maths Tricks can be useful for competitive exams such as CET, UPSE, JEE, SSC, BANKING, INDIAN RAILWAY EXAMS and so on.

It helps in the fast calculations as there will be aptitude questions. Students can solve the answers mentally in seconds.

It also reduces the burden of long mental calculation. The mathematical concept is made easier - it reduces scratch work and delivers answers instantly.

Why Vedic Maths for Parents and Teachers?

Parents and Teachers play a very important role in the life of children.

I request the Parents and Teachers to put in some efforts to learn these tricks and teach your kids in a fun filled manner, instead of pressurizing the kids to always study and practise maths, kids get bored off. Make Maths their favourite subject by showing The Vedic Maths Tricks.

Children will be shocked to see their parents and teachers playing around with maths. You can teach them with many examples and work out the problems quickly, so do not scare them by confusing the methods --instead teach the fun and logic behind it.

Parents and teachers are the pillars and support for childrens. So encourage them, I’m sure the kids will perform very well in their academics. Try to teach them the tricks and make maths easy and interesting.

Vedic Maths for our day to day activity?

Generally, maths is essential in our day-to-day activities, without maths it is hard to survive, especially Vedic maths is very simple and fast in itself

For example, the formulas and tricks help us to calculate fast in a grocery shop or to calculate and Cross-check a bill.

By this, I’m sure Vedic Maths is going to teach everyone a lot of tricks and change their life. If you are good at calculations then you will have a disciplined life.

Let me show you what does DISCIPLINE give us:-


4+9+19+3+9+16+12+9+14+5 = 100

Interesting right, So when we calculate the number of alphabets and see, the word DISCIPLINE gives us 100, Which means if we are well DISCIPLINED then we will have a 100% happy life.


So overall Vedic Maths helps in many ways, the tricks are very attractive, and it makes maths easy. Even a person from the non-maths background can easily learn Vedic Maths. So, friends, have you all changed your mindset? YES... by now I’m sure maths has become your favourite subject, so enjoy maths and learn with fun.



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