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How useful is Vedic Maths in Today's Modern World? : Interesting Facts For Beginners

Meaning of Vedic maths

Vedic Maths is an ancient system of mental calculations that was developed by "Late Swami Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj (1884-1960), the Shankaracharya of Puri, often referred to as "The Father of Vedic Maths". An outstanding scholar of Sanskrit, English, mathematics, history, and philosophy. It took him eight long years to study these texts called "Ganit Sutras" in deep silence in the forests of Shingeri.

There are 16 main Vedic sutras and 13 sub-sutras relating to Arithmetic and Algebraic operations, which he reconstructed. As sutras, these formulas are short, easy to remember, and straightforward to apply.

He has translated all of the sutras into English and given mathematical meanings, ensuring that they can be understood by all age groups. By learning the Maths techniques explained here, everyone can reduce their dependence on calculators.

Vedic math is a powerful technique that can help you solve mathematical problems in a much shorter amount of time than the conventional method. You will learn the basics of Vedic maths, for Beginners, such as how to memorize simple formulas and how to approach various types of problems with ease.

For example, you can calculate times tables up to 99, magic with 11, square with 5 in seconds, calculate square root and cube root in one line, and many more.

Vedic Maths allows one to work naturally. It takes little effort to learn and can be mastered within a very short period of time. In addition to performing independent crosschecks for Vedic Maths, we also use a set of checking procedures. We use a number of creative and efficient calculations to check the results. In Vedic Mathematics, the idea is to carry out mathematical calculations, easily and verbally.

Even today, Vedic Mathematics continues to garner international attention and research. There are research projects being conducted in several areas, including how Vedic Mathematics is used in modern times. Researchers have outlined easy techniques that students can use to solve calculus and geometry problems using the sutra.

A few of the most prominent features of Vedic Mathematics are:

  1. Vedic mathematics is based on the Surya Siddhanta number system

  2. Vedic mathematics makes use of the zero concept

  3. Vedic mathematics makes use of complex numbers and helps in dodging times tables

  4. Vedic mathematics makes use of Arithmetic operations

  5. Vedic mathematics makes use of Algebraic operations

  6. Vedic mathematics makes use of calculus

  7. Vedic mathematics makes use of trigonometry

  8. Vedic mathematics makes use of geometry

  9. Vedic mathematics helps in creating a Pythagorean triplet

  10. Vedic mathematics makes use of quadratic equations

  11. Vedic mathematics helps to find solutions for 500 - year calendar

Interesting facts & benefits about Vedic maths:

  1. Well constructed 16 sutras and 13 Sub-sutras tricks to solve any type of difficult problems

  2. Vedic maths is originated from the Indian system

  3. Vedic mathematics can be calculated with minimal effort

  4. The formulas or tricks are creative and have intuitional abilities

  5. Resulting in fast and accurate results

  6. Vedic math improves concentration and memory power

  7. Helps in faster calculations

  8. Makes calculations more efficient

  9. Vedic Maths reduces finger counting

  10. Vedic Maths transforms dry, tedious math into a fun subject, which children can enjoy and learn.

Vedic maths for beginners:

Students from grades 3-12 can learn Vedic maths, students writing competitive exams, parents, and teachers can benefit from our courses. The students who have math anxiety will disappear when they learn Vedic Math Tricks. For children, math will be fun since they will use Vedic sutras to solve sums, which is helpful as they advance to the next grade.

Students writing competitive exams benefit greatly from Vedic Mathematics, as it helps them complete their papers on time. Additionally, it can be beneficial in a number of ways, including speeding up the calculation process, making the paper easier to read and understand, and increasing an individual's self-esteem and confidence.

In competitive exams such as state-level entrance exams, Indian Railways, Banks, and even exams like the Civil Services, Vedic Math Trick can be extremely useful. Take a look at our testimonials on social media to learn how our courses have helped students prepare for CAT exams.

The Maths tricks help the candidates solve aptitude questions quickly and accurately. Students can solve the questions mentally in seconds, instead of spending hours working on them.

By reducing scratchwork and delivering instant answers, the mathematical concept becomes easier to grasp.

The pillars of children's success are the parents and teachers. Please encourage them, I'm sure they will do very well academically. Help them learn the maths tricks, and make math fun and engaging for them. In addition to learning and teaching, you will also earn an additional income by tutoring Vedic Maths.

In general, mathematics is a very important part of our day-to-day lives, because, without mathematics, it would be extremely difficult to survive, especially Vedic Mathematics, which is very simple and quick.

For example, Vedic sutras and tricks allow us to calculate faster at the grocery store or to cross-check a bill.

For a beginner, the basics must be learned first and strong foundations should be in place. To achieve the best results, make sure you remain consistent with your progress.

Check out our website for various courses starting from basic operations to advanced calculations. You can take a look at the Roadmap and see how it works. You can see the interesting tricks and overall information in the first course called "The Beginner's Guide To Vedic Maths".

How important is Vedic maths in today's modern world:

In modern times, many students are using Vedic Maths to prepare for competitive exams. Using this Vedic method, complex problems can be easily solved. Compared to general mathematics, Vedic mathematics offers students an edge they might not get from general mathematics.

In fact, Vedic Maths is so versatile that even NASA has applied certain concepts from Vedic Mathematics to artificial intelligence. Today, Vedic Maths is being taught in schools, and a special emphasis is placed on those students that wish to learn more about the subject.

Vedic maths is innovative and makes maths more natural. It is similar to the acceptance of yoga for physical well-being and meditation for inner well-being.

There are two types of Vedic Maths:

Traditional and Modern. The traditional method uses a combination of symbols and numbers, whereas the modern method uses only numbers. Both methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the traditional method requires a lot of practice while solving equations, but it provides better insight into the problem. On the other hand, the modern method is much simpler and provides speedy calculations, but it lacks depth of understanding. However, both methods work together to provide a holistic approach to Vedic Mathematics.

Traditional Vedic Mathematics (TVM) is based on the ancient Indian system of numerical calculations. This system was used since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. The basic unit of this system is the "Bindu". A Bindu represents 1/10th of a whole number.

The most common form of TVM is known as "Surya Siddhanta" (Sunyata). Surya Siddhanta is used to solve any type of equation

There are three main branches of Vedic Maths: Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. Each branch has its own set of rules and procedures. These rules and procedures are based on ancient Indian texts like the Vedas. In today's modern world, all the above methods are very useful and helpful to all age groups. Vedic maths has been a strong pillar in many students' lives.


In today's modern world, learning maths is very important. For most of us, maths is a very difficult subject, so we try to give reasons and stay far from learning it. You need not worry, we have Vedic maths which will help you to solve any tedious problem in just a few seconds without using pen and paper.

I'm glad that we have these interesting sutras for making maths easy and simple. My heartfelt Thanks to the late "Swami Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj" for giving us this opportunity to learn maths without maths phobia and we are now free from the very big fear of mathematics. I hope this blog was helpful, you can also check out other blogs and gain more knowledge about Vedic maths.

To know more about the Vedic sutras, their English translation, and mathematical meaning, check this blog and the Beginner's guide course for examples and exercise problems. Worksheets are also available in the course for all the chapters.

Good Luck and Thank You!


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