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Course Description:

Take your first step to begin your journey in learning Vedic Maths and Master Mathematics. It is meant for students from grade 3 to 12 across all syllabus formats.


The Vedic Maths is the easiest way of finding answers when compared to conventional/ school maths. There are fantastic tricks used to solve sums. It is a super-fast way of calculating all mathematical problems, and it reduces the burden of counting numbers in fingers.


The Vedic Maths Tricks Course teaches on a couple of tricks to fasten your calculation, boost your confidence, and it also gives you an idea of how Vedic Maths can help you Master Mathematics.


These tricks will help students to solve any exams, be-it school board/ Competitive exams were the questions can be answered effortlessly, and it saves time. So get ready to have fun and enjoy Maths with these exciting Tricks.


The Vedic Maths Tricks Course contains eight videos, i.e., eight exciting chapters.

Course Content

Vertically and Crosswise multiplication | 8.39 Mins

a- Sanskrit name and meaning

b- Example on Vertical and Crosswise method

c- Difference with Vedic maths and Conventional maths

d- Alternate method:- Inside-Outside Principle

e- Meaning, example and exercise with answers.

Multiplication with 9, 99, 999... | 11.06 Mins

a- Meaning

b- Multiplication with 9, 99, 999,...

c- Examples and exercise with answers

Multiplication Magic with 5, 25, 50... | 9.3 Mins

a- Multiplication with 10,100,1000...

b- Multiplication with 5, 50, 25,..

c- Meaning, examples and exercise with answers

Dodging Times Tables up to 99 | 15.21 Mins

a- Times Tables from 12-19

b- Meaning

c- Examples on table 12 and 13

d- Few other examples from 14-19

e- Exercise.

Two basic concepts of mathematics | 20.26 Mins

a- Base

b- Complement

c- Meaning and example sums

d- Finding Complement using Nikhilam Method

(All from nine and last from ten).

e- When a 0 comes in between the number

f- When a 0 comes at the end of the number

g- Examples and Exercise problems.

Conclusion and Quick Recap | 24.53 Mins

a-Introduction on - The Vedic Tricks


c-Vedic maths community

d-7 interesting chapters

e-Different Vedic Tricks/Formulae

f- Each chapter well explained with exciting tricks,

following by meaning, examples and exercise with answers.

Squares Ending in 5 | 6.24 Mins

a- Meaning

b- Example with two-digit square

c- Example with three-digit square

d- Exercise with answers

Magic with 11 | 10.02 Mins

a- Multiplication with 11
b- Meaning and examples
c- Dot Sandwich Method - Meaning
d- Multiples of 11- 22,33,..
d- Examples and exercise with answers

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Mrs. Nandini, Teacher

The Beginners Guide is the best course for students to learn basics of Vedic Maths and it encourages to calculate mentally

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-31 at 6.09.05 PM.

Mrs. Padmashree, Proud Mother

Tricks are very good and it makes my kid think the logic behind every answer. Looking forward to the other courses in Roadmap

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-01 at 12.21.30 PM

Mrs. Rekha, Proud Mother

After every chapter my son takes the exercise problems as a challenge and works in the same pattern as thought. A great course!


You Are One Step Away TO Master Mathematics