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Division Mastery

Break the long calculation and bring in one line answer with Division Mastery

6 lectures & 2.07 hours of content

Worksheets & exercise problems

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Division Mastery has 5 interesting chapters. Under the Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths we just had the basic division. But here we are going to see the Division topics in detail. Division is not as simple as Multiplication, but it has certain interesting tricks which are easy to calculate and understand.

Course Content

Introduction | 4.48 Mins

a. Meaning of Division and its 4 basic terms?
b. Benefits of Division
c. 5 interesting chapters similar to Multiplication

Chapter 1: Times Tables up to 99.... | 7.09 Mins

a. Easy way to calculate Tables.
b. Need to know tables from 2-9 and the rest will have tricks to calculate
c. Tables up to 99 can be solved with few amazing tricks
d. Examples and Exercise problems are given

Chapter: 5 Checking Your Answer | 9.56 Mins

a. Interesting Digit Sum trick to cross check the final answers.
b. Examples and Exercise problems to cross check whether the final answers are correct or incorrect

Chapter: 4 Magic Division | 37.19 Mins

a. Introduction about Auxiliary Fraction
b. Case-1 :- When the divisor ends in 9
c. Case-2 :- When the divisor ends in 8
d. Examples and Exercise Problems

Chapter: 3 Long Division In One Line | 39.26 Mins

a. Introduction
b. Division by 2 digit divisor (with remainder)
c. Division by 2 digit divisor (with adjustment)
d. Division by 3 digit divisor
e. Examples and Exercise problems for all the above methods

Chapter 2: Division By Base Method | 27.06 Mins

a. Explanation on Types of Base Method calculation
b. Below Base, Above Base and Mixed Base
c. Case-1 Examples for Below Base i.e., 10 and 100
d. Example sums When divisor is 9, 99...
e. Case-2 Examples for Above Base method
f. Exercise problems for Below base and Above base

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Mrs. Nandini, Teacher

The Beginners Guide is the best course for students to learn basics of Vedic Maths and it encourages to calculate mentally

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Mrs. Padmashree, Proud Mother

Tricks are very good and it makes my kid think the logic behind every answer. Looking forward to the other courses in Roadmap

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Mrs. Rekha, Proud Mother

After every chapter my son takes the exercise problems as a challenge and works in the same pattern as thought. A great course!

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