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The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths + Multiplication Mastery + Division Mastery (Bundle)

A Bundle course can help you to Master Mathematics and pass you through milestone 1, 2 & 3.

35 lectures & 10 hours of content

Certification & Life Time Access

Worksheets & exercise problems

Bonus Videos

Join Vedic Maths Community

Quiz after every chapter

This is a Bundle course were you would be getting all 3 courses, "The Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths" + "Multiplication Mastery Course" + Division Mastery, these 3 courses will cover all the topics which are needed for a beginner to start learning Vedic maths and to become a master in multiplication & Division. This Bundle Course helps students to become smarter over mathematics, and you will have continuity over the chapters in learning Vedic maths. This course is exciting and useful for all age groups. Students will have confidence in solving problems even in conventional maths using Vedic maths tricks as they are fabulous.

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Mrs. Nandini, Teacher

The Beginners Guide is the best course for students learn basics of Vedic Maths and it encourages to calculate mentally

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Mrs. Padmashree, Proud Mother

Tricks are very good and it makes my kid think the logic behind every answer. Looking forward to the other courses in Roadmap

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Mrs. Rekha, Proud Mother

After every chapter my son takes the exercise problems as a challenge and works in the same pattern as thought. A great course!


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