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This is a Bundle course were you would be getting all 3 courses, "The Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths" + "Multiplication Mastery Course" + Division Mastery, these 3 courses will cover all the topics which are needed for a beginner to start learning Vedic maths and to become a master in multiplication & Division. This Bundle Course helps students to become smarter over mathematics, and you will have continuity over the chapters in learning Vedic maths. This course is exciting and useful for all age groups. Students will have confidence in solving problems even in conventional maths using Vedic maths tricks as they are fabulous.

The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths - Course Content

Introduction | 5.25 Mins

a. What is Vedic mathematics and its importance b. Who is the Father of Vedic Mathematics and why is it useful? c. Its benefits, expectations and course details

Bonus Chapter 3: Chapter 15: Grade 6 – Fractions NCERT syllabus | 16.16 Mins

a. Solving grade 6 Math problem by fractions using NCERT syllabus
b. Difference between Conventional Maths and Vedic Maths
c. How do we add or subtract mixed fractions?

Bonus Chapter 2: Chapter 14: 500 Years Calendar | 10.33 Mins

a. Calculating the day of any particular date
b. Amazing technique of mastering 500 years calendar on your fingertips
c. You can amaze your family and friends by telling the day on which they were born on hearing their birth dates in less than 5 seconds

Bonus Chapter 1: Chapter 13: Dodging Times Tables up to 99 | 13.4 Mins

a. How to learn tables mentally without memorizing, in seconds.
b. Magic with calculating Tables from 12 to 19
c. Super fast way of calculating Tables up to 99...using Vedic mathematics tricks which makes Tables More Interesting.

Chapter 12: Shunyam Samuccaya | 19.17 Mins

a. Whenever the expression is the same, that expression is zero
Type-1:- Samuccaya as a common factor
Type-2:- Samuccaya as a product of the independent terms
Type-3:- Samuccaya as the sum of the denominators of two fractions having the same numerical numerators
Type-4:- Samuccaya as the sum of numerators and the sum of denominators
Type-5:- Samuccaya as the sum or total of denominators on both sides
b. Explanation on all the above types, its examples and exercise
c. Refer the Summary table in the end

Chapter 11: Urdhva-tiryagbhyam | 15.49 Mins

a. Vertically and crosswise (Same as chapter - 7, but here it is in Algebraic computation)
b. Alternate method: First by First and Last by the Last
c. Explanation, examples and exercise

Chapter 10: Paravartya Yojayet | 2.3 Mins

a. Transpose and adjust (Same as chapter - 3, but here it is in Algebraic computation)
b. Solve the given equations by examples

Chapter 9: Vyasti - Samasti | 8.11 Mins

a. Individuality and totality
b. Particular and common
c. Finding average, HCF and LCM - With examples and exercise

Chapter 8: Gunakasamuccaya Samuccayagunaka | 10.33 Mins

a. The total in the expressions equal to total in the product
b. Multiplication of numbers with zero's
- Multiplication of numbers with decimal
- Law of Index Multiplication
c - Explanation on all the above, its examples and exercise.

Chapter 7: Urdhva-Tiryagbhyam (Vertically and Crosswise) | 43.55 Mins

a. Vertical cross product of numbers
b. Inside outside principle
c. Multiplication of 2 digit multiplicand and 2 digit multiplier
d. Division - single digit and double digit divisor
e. Examples and exercise

Vedic Maths Sutras | 12.12 Mins

a. Meaning of 16 Vedic Sutras and their English translations and its importance
b. Explanation on Sutras for Arithmetic computation
c. Explanation on Sutras for Algebraic computation

Chapter 6: Yavadunam | 13.49 Mins

a. Whatever the extent of the deficiency
b. Square of any number
c. Explanation, examples and exercise

Chapter 5: Anthyayordas'ake'pi | 9.31 Mins

a. When final digits add upto 10
b. When the sum of final digit is the base and previous parts are same
c. Explanation, examples and exercise

Chapter 4: Ekanyunena Purvena | 9.33 Mins

a. Explanation on one less than the previous one
b. Multiplication by 9,99,999,.....
c. Explanation, examples and exercise

Chapter 3: Paravartya Yojayet | 41.15 Mins

a. Explanation on transpose and adjust
b. Multiplication when numbers are close to the base
- When both numbers are below the base
- When both numbers are above the base
- When one number is above and other is below the working base.
c. Examples and exercise

Chapter 2: Nikhilam Navatas'caraman Das'atah | 4.18 Mins

a. Explanation on all from nine and last from ten
b. Examples and exercises

Chapter 1: Ekadhikena Purvena | 7.12 Mins

a. One more than previous one
b. Square of numbers ending in 5
c. Examples and exercise

Bonus Chapter 4: Chapter 16: Application of Vedic Mathematics in Competitive exams | 12.14 Mins

a. Competitive exams can be solved very easily and quickly using Vedic Tricks
b. Saves time and writing work during exams
c. Here I will be Explaining few Aptitude questions using Vedic method.

Multiplication Mastery - Course Content

Introduction | 3.26 Mins

a. What is Multiplication ?
b. Difference between Conventional Method and Vedic Method
c. About the Father of Vedic Maths
d. Benefits and importance of Multiplication
e. Different ways of calculating Multiplication using Vedic formula or tricks

Chapter 10: Algebraic Multiplication | 14.22 Mins

a. Solving sums using Vertically and Crosswise method
b. Difference between Conventional method and Vedic method
c. Alternate Method - First by First and Last by the Last.
d. Explanation on all the above types, its examples and exercise

Chapter 9: Checking Your Answers | 19.29 Mins

Vedic mathematics techniques not only help us to give answers in straight steps which are very fast and accurate but also help us to check the answers effectively without repeating the actual calculation by the use of DIGIT SUM.
Here we are checking if our multiplication answers are right using digit sum method

Chapter 8: Squares ending in 5 | 11.56 Mins

a. Squares ending in 5 (can be calculated in seconds), meaning, examples and exercise
b. Squares of any number. Here we are going to learn Squares of any number with the help of Vedic mathematics tricks
c. Followed by examples and exercise

Chapter 1: Dodging time tables up to 99 | 16.25 Mins

a. How to learn tables mentally in seconds without memorizing
b. Magic with calculating tables from 12 to 19
c. Super fast way of calculating tables up to 99...using Vedic maths tricks which makes tables more interesting

Chapter 7: Vertical and Crosswise Multiplication | 43.21 Mins

a. In Beginners Guide we just learnt the basics on Urdhva-Tiryagbhyam in
Chapter -7, now we are going to learn Vertical and Crosswise method of multiplication in detail.
b. Pattern 1: 2x2 digit multiplication
Pattern 2: 3x3 digit multiplication
Pattern 3: 3x2 digit multiplication
Pattern 4: 4x4 digit multiplication
Pattern 5: 4x3 digit multiplication
Pattern 6: 5x5 digit multiplication
c. Explanation on all the above types, its examples and exercise
d. Refer the pattern table given in the end

Chapter 6: Multiplication of numbers near the base | 36.23 Mins

a. Multiplying numbers below the base
b. Multiplying numbers above the base
c. Mixed base Multiplication
d. Decimal Multiplication
e. Explanation on all the above types, its examples and exercise

Chapter 5: Multiplying with 12 | 29.43 Mins

a. Multiplication by 12, 112, 1112,....
b. Multiplication by Tables of 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19... with the help of 2 - 9 tables
c. Multiplication by 113, 114, 1115, 1116,......
d. Followed by examples and exercise

Chapter 4: Magic with 11 | 19.29 Mins

a. Interesting chapter - Multiplication with 11, 111, 1111,.....
b. It can be solved in less than 5 seconds using interesting Vedic tricks
c. Followed by examples and exercise

Chapter 3: Multiplication By 5, 25, 50, 250,.... | 7.12 Mins

a. Multiplying any number by 10,100,1000....
b. Multiplying any number by 5
c. Multiplying any number by 50
d. Multiplying any number by 25...
e. Refer the summary table
f. Followed by examples and exercise under each type

Chapter 2: Multiplication with 9,99,999,.... | 21.01 Mins

a. How to calculate in less than 5 seconds
b. - Multiplicand digits = Multiplier digits
- Multiplicand digits < Multiplier digits
- Multiplicand digits > Multiplier digits
c. Followed by examples and exercise sums

Division Mastery - Course Content

Introduction | 4.48 Mins

a. Meaning of Division and its 4 basic terms?
b. Benefits of Division
c. 5 interesting chapters similar to Multiplication

Chapter: 5 Checking Your Answer | 9.56 Mins

a. Interesting Digit Sum trick to cross check the final answers.
b. Examples and Exercise problems to cross check whether the final answers are correct or incorrect

Chapter 1: Times Tables up to 99.... | 7.09 Mins

a. Easy way to calculate Tables.
b. Need to know tables from 2-9 and the rest will have tricks to calculate
c. Tables up to 99 can be solved with few amazing tricks
d. Examples and Exercise problems are given

Chapter: 4 Magic Division | 37.19 Mins

a. Introduction about Auxiliary Fraction
b. Case-1 :- When the divisor ends in 9
c. Case-2 :- When the divisor ends in 8
d. Examples and Exercise Problems

Chapter: 3 Long Division In One Line | 39.26 Mins

a. Introduction
b. Division by 2 digit divisor (with remainder)
c. Division by 2 digit divisor (with adjustment)
d. Division by 3 digit divisor
e. Examples and Exercise problems for all the above methods

Chapter 2: Division By Base Method | 27.06 Mins

a. Explanation on Types of Base Method calculation
b. Below Base, Above Base and Mixed Base
c. Case-1 Examples for Below Base i.e., 10 and 100
d. Example sums When divisor is 9, 99...
e. Case-2 Examples for Above Base method
f. Exercise problems for Below base and Above base

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Mrs. Nandini, Teacher

The Beginners Guide is the best course for students learn basics of Vedic Maths and it encourages to calculate mentally

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-31 at 6.09.05 PM.

Mrs. Padmashree, Proud Mother

Tricks are very good and it makes my kid think the logic behind every answer. Looking forward to the other courses in Roadmap

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-01 at 12.21.30 PM

Mrs. Rekha, Proud Mother

After every chapter my son takes the exercise problems as a challenge and works in the same pattern as thought. A great course!


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