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Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is a domain of mathematical tricks, originated by ''Swami Shri Bharathi Krishna Thirtha ji '' He was the person who collected lost formulae from the writings of "Atharwa Vedas" and wrote them in the form of 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras. Even a person from non-maths background can easily learn Vedic mathematics.

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Myself & Vision

Hey Friends, I'm Mamta Rupesh, let me introduce myself, I'm a dads girl and brought up in a very sweet family, after schooling my interest was Accounting, so opted and after graduation, was working in a school as I loved to teach kids and share my knowledge and happiness with them. Where i thought students Maths, Science, and Social Science as i saw many Students were facing problem in learning Maths as they had maths phobia. I took this as a challenge to remove that fear in them. So then i learnt Vedic maths and made students work out sums using Vedic tricks, and now i see the transformation in students in real-time.


So I aim to teach students to complete Vedic Maths in detail.
Thank you.

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