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Launching Division Mastery Shortly

Excited to know about the New Course???

Yes, here we go with an amazing topic, shortly we will launch the "Division Mastery".

Firstly we shall have a quick recap of the previous Courses in our Roadmap.

1- The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths:- This course is the foundation for students from grades 3-12, for competitive exams, teachers, and parents. We can also use these interesting tricks in our day-to-day activities. In this course, we have 18 chapters that covers the Vedic Sutras and a few bonus chapters along with the worksheets.

2- Multiplication Mastery:- Here we have all the Multiplication topics in detail. There are 11 chapters and worksheets are available. These tricks are very easy and interesting, it saves time and energy.

I'm very happy to see good reach and response from my beloved students, parents & teachers. Thank you all.

According to our Roadmap, we have launched the above 2 courses with special discounts. Due to this pandemic, we have given a 75% discount on the above courses.

Both the courses put together are a Bundle Course and it has a 75% Discount. i.e., BG + MM = 2499/- (Bundle).

As we are launching Division Mastery, the above price may change anytime, so hurry up before the offer ends.

3- Division Mastery:- Here comes our New Course, we will be launching it shortly. We have about 6 Chapters + worksheets. All the courses have lifetime access.

Let’s see the tricks covered under Division:-

We have a Division by base method which is similar to the base method under Multiplication Mastery. The sutra’s name is Paravarthya Yojayet.

We also have an interesting way of calculating by Long division using tricks to get the answer in just one line.

And Magic Division with a few interesting tricks and finally we can check our answers using an amazing formula whether the final answers are correct or wrong.

Division Mastery also has many interesting tricks like multiplication mastery. But there are few methods which are a little lengthy and complicated, but over a period of time, you will get a very good hang of it.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask in our Vedic Maths Community, we will be there to guide you.

Thank you.



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