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6th- grade Percentage chapter from NCERT book

What is a Percentage?

Percent:- Per means 'for every' or 'out of', and cent means 'hundred'. Thus, Percent means 'for every hundred' or 'out of a hundred'. Percentage:- A Percentage is a way of expressing a number, especially a ratio, as a fraction of 100. The word percentage is derived from a Latin word Per centum, which means 'by the hundred'. Percentages are denoted by %

Percentage is the numerator of the fraction with denominator 100.

So, if i say 42%, this means the fraction is 42/100 or 0.42 in decimal form, which we get by dividing 42 by 100.

Supposing the percentage is 70%, then this means that the fraction is 70/100 or 0.7 in decimal form, which we get by dividing 70 by 100.

By now you would have had an idea on what percentages are.

There are different ways to calculate Percentages:-

1- Converting Percentages into Fractions

2- Converting Fractions into Percentages

3- Converting Percentages into Decimals

4- Finding the Percentage of a Given Quantity

5- Expressing One Quantity as a Percentage of Another

6- Approximating Percentages

7- Percentage Increase or Decrease

Here some of the calculations are same as conventional method. But I'm going to use Vedic Maths Tricks wherever applicable. So let me show you an example:-

Eg:- Finding the Percentage of a Given Quantity :-

Q1- Find 35% of 73

In order to find the percentage of a given quantity, multiply the percentage as a fraction by the given quantity

So we get 35/100X73

Now to multiply 35 X 73 we use the popular sutra vertically and crosswise (Urdhva-Thiryagbhyam).The formula for 2x2 digit multiplication is : I X I (Vertically, Crosswise and Vertically)

Step-1:- First multiply Vertically on the LHS

Step-2:- We then multiply Crosswise

Step-3:- Finally, we multiply Vertically on RHS again as shown above.

Now back to the sum:-

35/100 X 73 = 2555/100 = 25.55

Here we have to multiply 2 X 2 digit numbers, so we used Vertically and Crosswise Principle. This is how we can solve a conventional problem using Vedic Tricks. It is easy and fast to calculate.

Likewise, you can use Vertically and Crosswise method for 3 and more digit numbers. The calculation is interesting right? You can check out our website and courses on roadmap to learn more tricks on Vedic Maths. The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths -



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