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Get Division Mastery Absolutely Free With Bundle Purchase

Hello Friends,

A couple of days ago we had announced about the launch of Division Mastery course in our road map.

We know that life is getting very difficult in 2020 be it the global economic conditions or students education and the way they are getting educated. So, we’re doing our best in terms of providing valuable courses and the best discounts possible. Due to the pandemic situation, we have planned to give away an exciting offer, as we are launching Division Mastery, we will be giving this course as a complementary for all the students who have purchased Bundle Course. Once we launch, you can check the Dashboard on your Learning Management System and get the Division Mastery absolutely Free.

So what if you’ve already purchased “The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths” and wish to purchase Bundle? Send us an email to and we shall contact you with the discounted link.

So let's see the pricing:

1- The Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths - INR- 999/- (75% Special discount)

2- Multiplication Mastery - INR- 2999/- (50% discount)

3- Division Mastery - INR- 599/- (50% discount)

4- Bundle Course Offer-INR- 2499/- (i.e., Beginners Guide + Multiplication Mastery and Now it's a launch offer for Division mastery and it will be added as complementary course offer for the Bundle Purchase only).

The discounts are at its best and these offers may change any time soon. So, please make use of it.

About the Courses in our Roadmap:-

1- Our first course is ''The Beginner's Guide To Vedic Maths", this is the foundation to learn Vedic Maths we have 18 chapters and worksheets for all of them. The Best part about our courses is, it has Lifetime access. In this course we learn the Vedic sutras and its benefits. Examples and exercise problems with final answers.

2- Second Course is "Multiplication Mastery", here we are learning the 11 interesting multiplication chapters with easy tricks in detail and also we have worksheets, examples and exercises.

3- Third Course is "Division Mastery", it’s yet to launch. Here we will see Division topics in brief, Division is not as easy as multiplication tricks, but we do have certain interesting tricks, so I have explained all of them.

So friends, the rest of the courses will take some time to launch, and I know it's hard to spend money in this situation so we are providing some valuable discounts, education is important and we cannot afford to give reasons.

Thank You.



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