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Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary & Announcing Live Classes

I am very happy and proud to announce that The Vedic Maths is celebrating 1 year of strong online presence and its slowly turning out to be a brand. People recognise and trust us!

I started The Vedic Maths with lot of difficulties and what kept me going is YOU, I mean just YOU, the one who's reading this email/ blog, every single student, parent and teacher.

The amount of change and confidence that I am able to get in my audience life is remarkable and it motivates me to run marathon and not just sprint.

I have not looked back after starting it and will never regret. I call up my students to understand what's going on and that indeed helps me to structure my courses. As written in my previous email, a large number of audience made a request for live classes and here you go.

Today, I am announcing a new program called "Live Vedic Maths Master Program". This program is for anyone who wants to master mathematics with the help of Vedic Maths.

We have structured the course in such a way to start with basics, intermediate and reach advance level with 30 modules.

This is for Students from grade 5 - 12, writing competitive exams, parents and teachers. If you're interested, please apply below.

Since this will be a live session, we will have batches with a less number of students. The slots are limited!!

Thanks once again for being a part of The Vedic Maths community!! We have plans to offer more than 2x value than what we did in the previous year.

Follow us on social media or request for a call in case of any questions.



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