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Announcing Winners of 7 Days Vedic Maths Tricks Challenge

Hey Friends, we had organised a 7 Days Vedic Maths Tricks Challenge on 22nd - 28th of June 2020. All my beloved students had participated in all 7 days at 7 pm and gave interesting answers. They were very quick in answering with the explanation. I had nearly 100+ students who had participated. The hint for questions was from ''The Vedic Maths Tricks Course or The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths''. The Explanation shows how well you guys have understood. It made me feel very proud and as I had announced earlier I have picked up top 10 students to give away some interesting gifts. We also have few parents and teachers who have participated. I appreciate your presence.

Thank you everyone.

Here are the top 10 winners:-

Sunil Kumar Taneja

Rahul Kumar

Utkarsh Gupta

Vrushti Trivedi

Ashita Agrawal

Prachi. R. Mundada

Mukta Bhatnagar

Srijan Sundaram


Aaryan Nema

Congratulations to all of you!

I keep interacting with our students & parents and it thought me a lot of wonderful lessons. Parents are very supportive in teaching their kids. The Vedic Maths Tricks are very interesting and it develops concentration power within the students and they are so excited in learning and I could see the change in real-time. The interesting part is they have forgotten that they had Maths Phobia. Hahaaaa...

Friends, I want to share some interesting information. Recently I had a wonderful interaction with Mukta Bhat Ma'am, (one of the winners of 7 Days Vedic Maths Tricks Challenge), she is a 60 year old Retired Maths Teacher. I was very much surprised. Her way of speaking and her experience is tremendous.

I asked her why Vedic Maths now??

You know what was the reply???

She said, she wanted to learn more on Maths in depth and she wanted to learn these tricks. I was so happy and such a great woman who still wants to learn and improvise.

So, my dear students, this is just an example, look there is no age limit for education. Please utilise the time and value of money which your parents spend. Respect their hard work and you will be a great person one day.

Thank you and all the best.

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