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Advantages Of Learning The Vedic Maths

Advantages of learning Vedic Maths is one of the known topics for someone who wants to learn maths in a simpler way or one who is finding difficulty in doing calculations in conventional/ school maths. Before we start to see what are the advantages of Vedic Maths, let's see from where Vedic Maths originated.

Vedic Maths is a domain of mathematical tricks, originated in a book written by an Indian monk "Swami Shri Bharathi Krishna Thirthaji", the Shankaracharya of Puri, who was a great scholar of Sanskrit, English, Mathematics, History and Philosophy. He was the person who collected lost formulae from the writings of "Atharva Vedas" and wrote them in the form of 16 Vedic sutras and 13 sub-sutras. He studied these texts called "Ganit Sutras".

Vedic Maths sutras are divided into two categories

  • Vedic sutras that make Arithmetic computation easy

  • Vedic sutras that make Algebra easy

Any mathematical problems like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc...can be solved mentally with these sutras.

So now let's see the Advantages of Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics is the actual mathematics that we are studying in schools. Here we have many techniques/ tricks in solving a particular problem. It is good to start at an early age as this will help students to perform well in their academics.

Vedic Maths helps us reduce finger counting and also allow students to remember long mental calculations. So from now on say no to the calculator.

Sharpens the mind

The Vedic Maths provide many formulas to solve problems, whereas under conventional maths we use one formula for one method, and by seeing the same steps, students might get bored. But here there are various tricks, so by practising it regularly, it sharpens our mind and brings the enthusiasm to learn more.

Improves calculation skills

Vedic maths increases mental ability, and intelligence as students are improvising their calculation skills. They can use tricks and find answers quickly. By this way, they will forget to use their calculators.

For slow-learners

All the children might not be same in learning maths, some students are expert in doing sums, but most of the students have maths phobia, so here they are going to learn from scratch, and it is a base for all the children, especially for slow-learners.

Solving Competitive Exams

Vedic maths is also very useful for students who are writing competitive exams; it helps them in solving aptitude questions in seconds. By using the Vedic tricks, students can finish the paper on time.

Develops Self-Confidence

By learning Vedic Tricks, the student will beat the fear of Mathematics, and by solving sums using the Vedic formulas they will definitely improve their self-confidence in such a way they can answer any problem on time. So it saves time, energy and also boosts the morale of a student.

Answers in One Straight Line

In convention/school maths the calculation part might be extended, but in Vedic maths, there are tricks and formulas as we can find answers in one line.


The above points are the advantages of Vedic Maths, and there are few more exciting benefits which you will experience in your day to day activities. So once you start learning them, you will become an expert to solve sums in Conventional Maths. Not only to solve the sums, but we also need to have good practice over it.

Practise makes a man perfect

Even a person from the non-maths background can quickly learn Vedic Maths. There are easy ways to understand and remember all the sutras and sub-sutras, which will help students in calculating any mathematical problem. You might see the sutras in a new way as it's difficult to pronounce or memorize, but once you keep practising - I'm sure you will become a master in mathematics.

Learn the foundation of Vedic Maths with "The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths" course.



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