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Adding Extra Exercise Problems & Alternate Method Under Paravarthya Yojayet (Mixed Base)

Hello Friends, I would firstly thank all my dear students, parents and teachers for showing interest in learning "The Vedic Maths Course" and I'm very glad to see the doubts raised by you all on the Vedic Maths Community or on the Learning Management System.

As we had launched "The Beginners Guide to Vedic Maths", "Multiplication Mastery", and both the courses put together as a "Bundle" course with Special Discounts. As of now we are having a good reach and after purchase there is a very good feedback and response by students.

Most of the students are very happy in solving the given problems, so they had requested for more exercise problems to have a good practice.

I have added extra sums with final answers under The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths course and it's in the form of PDFs which can be used as worksheets.

And, most of our students had doubts about solving a few sums under the 3rd sutra i.e., Paravarthya Yojayet. So, I have another alternate method to solve the mixed base problems. I have explained the sum with a few examples and exercise with final answers by a quick video which you can find below the chapter on the Learning Management System.

I'm sure this is going to be very useful. Thank you friends.



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