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3 reasons why I launched "All-Access Lifetime Membership Pass"

Since the beginning, to date, I don't remember sending any sales email or sales pressure emails to sell my courses. I just write an announcement email of launching any course and there it ends.

However, launching "All-Access Lifetime Membership Pass" means a lot to me because of 3 reasons.

Valuable feedback with a valuable offer

I usually take constructive feedback from my audience be it student, parent, or teacher and I strongly feel that's my success for the growth. The feedback in any nature should be considered including commercial intent.

Yes, there have been a handful of requests made to me asking for a discount for future courses. In this pandemic & repeated lockdowns, parents and teachers wanted to keep the kids engaged and productive at the same time the financial crunch is at its peak. And I wanted to address to my level best.

Made me productive

While thinking about how I can address this issue. I came up with the idea of giving away all the courses that are in the roadmap from the "Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths" to "Vedic Tricks for Competitive Exams". But, something got me scared, as of now, I've launched 4 courses and 3 more left which is a work in progress. But I wasn't prepared to launch anytime sooner neither had any deadline. Remember, I have a 2-year-old baby!

However, the urge to launch "All-Access Membership Pass" pushed me to work day in and out to structure the course and set a deadline. All the 3 courses will be launched in the next consecutive 3 months. 1 course each month starting June 2021.

The next 3 months will be sleepless nights but I am sure it's worthwhile.

Value bomb

After finalizing the offer and delivery plan with dates, I could visualize the amount of content (course) that I am offering. Every minute of the course is done by me with my very own hands. I go deep inside while working and curating the course materials, that's because I understand the connectivity from one course to another and the journey of a student to Master Mathematics.

In total there are about 55 lectures and 25+ hours of content. Every chapter is in-depth and we have 4000+ students who have taken our course with a rock on performance.

Now, access all previous & future courses for a lifetime. All future courses will be added at No extra cost/ No Monthly Fee/ No Subscriptions.

What You Get:

The Beginners Guide To Vedic Maths Multiplication Mastery Division Mastery The Vedic Maths Tricks Fun With Fractions, HCF & LCM Magic Squares, Cubes & Its Roots Vedic Tricks For Competitive Exams Bonus 55 lectures & 25+ hours of content Certification & Lifetime Access Worksheets & exercise problems Bonus Videos Join Vedic Maths Community Quiz after every chapter



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