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Fun With Fractions, HCF & LCM


Here we have 3 Topics explained in detail, lets see what are they:- We have Fractions, HCF and LCM A- Fractions:- Fractions are nothing but having a number on top and a number on the bottom with a line between the two numbers. Here the number on top is the Numerator and the number on the bottom is called Denominator. We use Vertically and Crosswise formula. Under Fractions we have 2 Cases:- 1- When the denominators are Relatively Prime 2- When the denominators are Composite Numbers. B- HCF / LCM Here we have easy tricks to solve Average, HCF and LCM. Most commonly we use the division method or prime factorization method to find the Highest Common Factor(HCF). Lowest Common Multiple(LCM) of 2 or more numbers is the smallest number(not zero) that is a multiple of all the given numbers. All the above topics give easy ways to calculate and find answers in very simple methods. The procedures of finding answers are made shorter and few tips have been given.



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